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I’ve always used this website as a platform and a gateway. Since I don’t write the same things now as I once did, I realized it was way past time for a new look.

The best new thing: Lyceum!

This is a forum/discussion board for readers and writers. I created it with the help of a group of good friends, and we welcome everyone. Check it out!

In other news, I’m a contributing editor for 7Tutorials, a site devoted to the best and most useful information about Windows and Windows Phone. My colleagues and I keep this site full of good information, good news, and good times.

While I still write on my Letters from Home blog from time to time, it isn’t anywhere near as active as it once was. I’m busier now. But you’re still welcome to give it a look. I might say something you’ll disagree with.  :)

Places of Interest

I’ve always tried to learn something new every day. When we stop learning, we start dying. I’m not ready to go yet. Think of all the books I would leave un-read!

Blinkie dot org

Logan Books

infmom on Twitter

CompuServe PC Hardware

The How-To Geek