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moving right along


Wow, it’s been way too long since I posted anything. Of course, this isn’t exactly the Grand Central Station of news.

However, we’ve started the search for a new gas grill and will probably buy it this weekend (seeing as F’zer’s birthday party is coming up) and the new semester has started at school. So at least I have some legitimate distractions to keep me away from all my blogs.

I’ve got three blogs now, plus managing three forums on CompuServe. That’s a lot of writing, if I do it right. Sometimes I just zone out in front of the computer and don’t get anything accomplished. I should actually be working on my book manuscripts as well as keeping up all the journals and forums.

And going to school, and running errands, and… man, I don’t know how some people accomplish all that they do.

But I bet I could get a lot more done if I’d quit zoning out, idly flipping through the same web sites every day. Maybe I should go on a URL diet? It couldn’t hurt.

At least I now have a new favicon and a new main web page!

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