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I have a theory, and I’m sure it’s not unique to me, that the farther away we humans get from what we evolved amongst, the worse off we are. It’s already been shown time and time again that people who keep too clean actually end up less healthy, and I’m sure that when we try to manufacture food products not found in nature we cause ourselves untold problems that may not be immediately apparent.

This train of thought is brought to you by Infmom Went Back To School And Immediately Caught A Cold. All the years I was working in customer-service jobs, I seldom got sick, because I was out there amongst the germs every day and my system learned to ward them off after a period of adjustment. Now that I’m retired, though, and I only go out amongst mass quantities of people when I choose to, rather than most days, I encounter much less in the way of microbial nastiness. And therefore when a new semester starts up at school I inevitably get sick shortly thereafter.

It’s the same with kids when they start in preschool and kindergarten. They get one cold after another for what seems like forever, and then Mom and Dad realize the kidlet hasn’t been sick for ages. Kids’ systems adapt. That’s what we evolved to do.

Of course, I probably shouldn’t mention that in kindergarten, my son got such a mild case of the chicken pox that I didn’t even realize he’d had it till (a) his younger sister came down with a major case of chicken pox and (b) we got a note from his teacher saying that other kids in the class had gotten it and to be careful. Ooopsie. Needless to day, I did not call the teacher and let her know which kid had unknowingly spread it around.

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