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and google is an amazing tool | Letters From Home and google is an amazing tool | Letters From Home

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and google is an amazing tool

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I have a google news filter that alerts me to “fitzrandolph”. It led me to this site. Looks like you found another distant cousin. My Great-Great Grandfather was John FitzRandolph and was related to Nathanial. The Nathanial of Princeton fame?

I like your site and your calico. I had one too.

— Fitz

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  1. I’m glad the Google search is finally working. Welcome, cousin! I’m glad you like the site. And the cat.

    It was Robert “The Loyalist” FitzRandolph who abandoned the land that Princeton now sits on, according to the family history I’ve got. They scooted to New Brunswick and that’s why I’m the first one on my mom’s side of the family to have been born in the USA (my grandmother, whose mother was Myra FitzRandolph, became an American citizen during WWII).

    My great-great-grandfather was Archibald FitzRandolph of New Brunswick.

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