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When the kids were little, we did not, as a general rule, allow candy in the house. For one thing, I didn’t want them to end up with lots of cavities like I did. And for another, F’zer and I didn’t think that consumption of mass quantities of candy was a good idea even with good teeth.

The results were predictable, though–on the holidays where the consumption of mass quantities of candy was traditional (Easter, Valentine’s Day, and Halloween) the kids tended to go berserk eating the stuff. (No, we did not celebrate Easter in any other way than playing bunny with the products of Hershey, Brach, Mars et al.)

Of course, the fact that we were usually flat broke during those years meant a delicate balancing act between having candy available to be eaten On The Day and buying the same candy at half price or less The Day After. A kid who expects a stuffed Easter basket is not going to be happy with the same chocolate bunny a couple days later when Mom and Dad find it on the clearance shelves. In fact, the kid might just come roaring in on Easter morning to castigate the parental bunnies at the top of her lungs for gross Easter basket deficiencies.

We also gave out non-edible treats on Halloween for many years (and, believe it or not, got mostly favorable responses from the kids at the door) but this caused major grumbling from the kidlets in the house who then did not get mass quantities of leftover Halloween treats to snarf along with the bags full of stuff they’d collected on their own nightly rounds.

Even now when the kids are more or less old enough to be parents themselves, we still get poked at now and again for our Candy Rules of the past. I don’t suppose any parent really gets it right.

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