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It’s a good thing…


…. that I like doing things like this.

Boy, have I said that a lot over the years, when it comes to out-stubborning some kind of technical glitch. So far, I have been able to out-stubborn multiple software “upgrades,” new software installations that woofed their cookies, installation of new gizmos, transfers to new equipment, removal of crapware, eviction of malware (not, I am happy to report, on MY computer) and a whole host of other things that routinely drive anyone even moderately technically competent nuts.

I know this isn’t the most widely read blog in the ‘sphere, but when the whole thing’s crashed it’s even less well read than ever. I just went through three days of trying to out-stubborn both the software and my web hosts. Now, I hasten to say here that I generally like the web hosts (1&1) but across all platforms and in all venues where technical support people are given scripts to read (and this is hardly the only place where that’s the problem) I keep running into situations where the script doesn’t fit the circumstances. (I’d love to get a load of the comments I’m sure the cable company has attached to our account.)

So… ¬†ok. Problem vanquished.

Now, all I have to do is actually WRITE something from time to time.

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