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step in time


Yesterday when I was at the gym I was watching CNN while I was on the treadmill, just as Wolf & Co. were talking about the package mailed to NBC news by the Virginia killer. It certainly made those ten minutes go by in a flash.

When I got home, I turned on CNN to see if there were any further news (there wasn’t) so I started flipping channels to see if any of the local stations had anything more. Most of them were into the usual afternoon reruns, but Channel 9, which has more news programming than any other station, was into a news report, so I settled in to watch.

A few minutes later, they happened to do a report on plantar fasciitis. The doctor they consulted demonstrated a stretching exercise that’s supposed to help, and it’s pretty simple–just press your toes back, firmly, for a count of ten, and do that about ten times a day.

I’ve since tried it, and while it does provide some fairly immediate relief, my foot still generally feels like it’s mildly on fire most of the time and if I have to walk any distance at all I’m clearly going to have to start using a cane again. If the stretching exercise doesn’t help in a few days, I guess it’s time to get a referral to the podiatrist. Sigh.

But that kind of foot pain does sometimes change one’s mind about things. While I was watching TV I was also browsing through the day’s mail. And even though my daughter will probably disown me shortly thereafter, I’m considering buying…


Or maybe I could get away with Crocs deck shoes.

Or maybe I’d get a little less flak if I bought Crocs Mary Janes.

Sahalie offers the best selection of styles and colors, and although FootSmart promises free shipping on the regular Crocs, they charge ten bucks more for them to begin with.

Oh, what a world, what a world.

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