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I {ecch} Paris in the springtime


I’ve often said that I wish there were some kind of cosmic law that mandated that everyone in the world spend one full year being dirt poor with no outside resources (assuming that they weren’t already living under those conditions, of course). It would take place at whatever age would make the deepest impression on the individual.

That might cut down on the number of Paris Hiltons in the world. Spend enough time to see how life works when your parents can’t buy you out of everything (or buy you everything, either) and maybe, just maybe, you’ll get a bit of real life perspective.

I must admit I felt a bit sorry for her when she got yanked out of her house and hauled to court in handcuffs. That must have truly felt like the end of the world. She had absolutely no resources to prepare her for something like that. She’d always had people to take care of life’s little ickies for her before.

But then again, when the snide remarks were made about her while she was sitting in the audience at the music awards show must have really hurt, too–and the snide laughter at her expense. Bet she never really had a clue how people outside her own circle of suck-ups felt about her before. Well, she knows now.

The fact that people in general are sick and tired of rich people getting away with just about everything probably played a part in the judge’s decision to say “Serve the time.” Maybe he was overly harsh on her. But then again, if any ordinary Jane Doe had done all the stupid things Paris Hilton did while she was on probation (let alone the stupid things she did to get probation in the first place), Ordinary Jane Doe would have had her fanny in the slammer ASAP. Maybe Ordinary Jane Doe would have gotten released after a few days and sent home with an ankle bracelet (apparently this is quite common in the overcrowded LA jail system) but I doubt she’d have gone in with any expectation that she’d get off so easy.

I know people who did dumb things and got arrested and had to deal with the consequences all on their own. I also know that those people’s lives were changed for the better because of it. Get smacked in the face with reality… yeah, it works.

Now, about that cosmic law….

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