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out, out, damned spot


The past few days I have been feeling really good.  And feeling that more good things are right around the corner.

My health is improving, my outlook is brighter and the worries of the recent past seem to be fading.

In celebration of that, I’ve been trying to remove everything that might be contributing to negative energy around me.  No, I’m not a wholehearted believer in feng shui, but I do think that there are things in one’s environment that can contribute to general improvement by their removal.  If that makes sense.

So today I went through the file drawer in my desk.  The original idea was to get out all the computer instructions and registrations and so forth and put them in the binders I bought weeks ago, but in the process of unearthing those I discovered a whole bunch of things from my last job that I absolutely, positively, did not need to keep.

I shredded the worst of them, put the rest in the recyle bin, and feel lighter already.  I had disposed of the worst of the worst long ago, but had forgotten these last unpleasant remnants were still filed away.

I’m going to search through the rest of those files and see what else I can get rid of.  It sure felt good to run that stuff through the shredder.  Now I need to rustle up a brown paper bag so I can empty the shredder into that per city recycling instructions and give the seething remains the permanent heave-ho.

Onward and definitely upward!

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