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I can see clearly now…


You’d think that eyeglasses would be the last thing one would want to order through the mail. Up till today I was pretty much of that opinion myself. But my eyeglass prescription had changed considerably over the last year in response to radical changes in the medications I was taking, so I definitely needed new glasses.

But there just wasn’t enough money in the budget to buy them at the moment, especially since we’d just paid for two pairs of glasses for F’zer (which he needed just as much as I did, probably more so because he wears glasses all the time and I don’t). I remembered an article on the Lifehacker web site about online eyeglass merchants and looked that up and browsed through it for recommendations.

It seemed that a company called Optical4Less got the best reviews. So I checked out their web site, and the ordering process was very straightforward. I prefer rimless glasses and they had a much bigger selection of lens sizes and shapes than any retail eyeglass store I’ve ever seen.

I was a bit unsure when I saw that the company was located in Hong Kong. But then again, this being a worldwide economy and outsource-loving country, I reasoned, who knows where any glasses you get from a store actually are coming from, unless you’re paying the super premium LensCrafters price to have them fabricated on site? So I decided to go ahead. I must admit I used my Amex card to pay for the purchase Just In Case.

I needn’t have worried. My glasses arrived today (with the “nice used Hong Kong stamps” promised by the web site) and they are absolutely perfect in every way. In fact, I can even see my computer screen clearly through prescription lenses for the very first time.

Ordering eyeglasses online might not be for everyone, but I’m here to say it worked for me.

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