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hot time in the old town…


I think we all get used to various situations in our lives and have trouble adapting when the situation changes. Thus it is with me and cars that have air conditioning. Through all the various vehicles we have owned over the years, either there was no air conditioning to begin with, or the vehicle was old enough that the a/c just didn’t work.

So I never got used to driving around with air conditioning. Strictly 4/60, baby. Four windows rolled down and go fast enough and hope for the best.

So when it got up to 103o today, I automatically set aside all the errands I had planned to run, because, y’know, I didn’t want to go OUT in weather like that and drive around in a stifling hot car hoping for a crosswind.

Because I just can’t seem to get my mind around the concept that we now own an air conditioned car. Oh, the kids keep reminding me about it, in tones of greater and greater irritation, but so far it hasn’t sunk in.

Tomorrow, I’m running errands and blasting the air. It’s the only way I’m going to get used to this.

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