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I fix a computer that did and didn't need fixing. I fix a computer that did and didn't need fixing.

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Resolution. In more ways than one.


I finally got all the computer mayhem straightened out, but it sure did cause me a giant case of the wim-wams there for a while.

And I learned a couple new things, like how to get rid of unwanted passwords, and how to force a reluctant computer to boot from the proper hard drive.  I also learned that a Western Digital hard drive won’t work in an external enclosure but a Seagate drive will.  And I got Acronis TrueImage working, with a little help from their tech support, and it does indeed clone drives perfectly.

Oh, and I learned that the lawnmower noise my computer was making was not the hard drive after all but one of the fans, probably in the power supply.  Can we all say DUH!!! together, now?

So that “resolution” gets things back on more or less an even keel at least for the moment.

The other resolution is that I’m not messing with that stuff EVER again.  My son will get a new computer eventually and transferring his stuff from one to the other is going to be entirely in his hands.

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