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Got another box of watches today, one I bought on eBay last week for $8.50. One would think that a box of 30 watches for that price would be mostly junk, but no. Granted, we’re not talking a pile of Rolexes here, but most of what was in the box was either nearly new or lightly used, and in good to like-new condition.

Shouldn’t take me long to get these cleaned up and working again, and then I’ll have a really good inventory of refurbished watches for my eBay sales.

Still haven’t made up my mind whether to open an eBay store or not. I think they charge ten bucks a month, but I must admit it’s been a while since I looked into it. The thing is, I don’t know if I can sell enough refurbished watches and costume jewelry per month to cover the store fee plus make me a reasonable profit. I’ve got a store name in mind and have sort of sketched out a logo, but I think I should probably wait and see how the current inventory sells before taking the plunge.

I sure do enjoy the work of fixing up the watches. Wish I knew a way to guarantee they would sell.

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