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eBay follies


You know what? I’m pissed.

On February 22, I had the winning bid on a 5th gen iPod that was described as “cosmetically in mint condition.” The seller wanted an exorbitant amount for shipping, but I lowered my bid to take that into account and I won.

When the iPod arrived, it was anything but mint. It had obviously been opened, and not gently, had Best Buy stickers on thebroken iPodback, and was scratched and worn. And the worst part? The high-priced shipping amounted to dropping it loose into a thinly padded mailer and leaving it to the tender mercies of the post office.

Needless to say, the iPod that had been partially functional when it was put up for sale, was totally dead when it arrived.

I emailed the seller immediately. Told him I wanted my money back. Told him I wanted to return the iPod. No answer. I waited a week for him to reply and then I filed a complaint with eBay and PayPal. And then I waited some more. It was nearly two weeks later when PayPal told me they’d decided in my favor and gave me my money back.

In all that time, I heard nothing from the seller. I waited another week, and then I put the iPod up for sale, with an honest description and honest shipping charges.

Yesterday, the seller emailed me and asked when he was going to get his iPod back. I told him that he had waited too long ot ask that question and I considered the iPod to be mine.

Today, he said he’d given me my money back and he wanted the iPod back. I repeated that he’d had plenty of time to speak up before now and he hadn’t, and asked him why he wanted a dead iPod back if not to put it up for sale again with another bogus description?

I guess now I wait to see what happens next.

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