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collection agencies can bite my butt.


I have had many, many opportunities to be rude to bill collectors over the years.  Way too many, in my estimation.leeches

And not once has a bill collector been calling for me (this household has never attracted the attention of bill collectors and as long as I have anything to say about it, it never will).  It’s either one of my relatives or else it’s a wrong number.

One of our phone lines is listed under a name that does not actually belong to anyone in the household (perfectly legal to do this, btw).  It’s an initial and a last name with no address.  Funny how many people with that first initial and last name are deadbeats, and funny how the collection agencies go trolling through the phone book and insist the deadbeat gave them the number.  Yeah, and if I believe that they’ve got a great line of credit they can sell me.

I just dealt with another one of those dirtbags and told her quite firmly that this number did not belong to anyone on her list and the calls had better stop, pronto.  But when I asked her how she got the number to begin with she said “Thank you” and hung up on me.  I think the debt collection act prohibits that kind of behavior.  I need to look it up.

I certainly don’t mind being rude to a bill collector from time to time.  I just wish I had fewer opportunities to do so.

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