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I put Vista to good use, finally I put Vista to good use, finally

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New computer, old TV show


I am never particularly eager to embrace new technology.  However, having been lent a new computer running Vista Ultimate, I have ventured timidly into the latest iteration of Mr. Bill’s Brand.

Vista’s not as annoying as I thought it would be, but that’s largely due to my immediately dumping all the shiny-shiny stuff and optimizing for best performance rather than best appearance.  I also took back the classic menus and folder view.  After that, I just cruised right along.

It won’t let me create user accounts, though, no matter what I try.  Doesn’t surprise me, given that this came from a corporation that imaged it to their own specs, but it’s annoying.  But given how many other ways it could have annoyed me a lot more, that’s not so bad.

And tonight I figured that having Vista would actually be a good thing, for the first time ever.  Netflix won’t let me watch streaming video on my usual computer, because I run Windows 2000 on it and refuse to change that until the day it no longer does what I want it to do.  But the Netflix viewer will run on Vista, so I decided to try that out.

Well, there’s a hitch in the gitalong–it only works with IE and I only use IE when I’ve got no choice.  But I suppose experimenting with streaming video is worth it.  So I fired up the little blue E, installed the viewer…

RCA Victor
….and now I can watch my favorite episode of “McCloud,” which was one of my favorite shows.  “The Night New York Turned Blue.”  Oh, the sacrifices I make for seeing Dennis Weaver and JD Cannon ride again.

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  1. I’ve been a very slow adopter of Microsoft “updates” from the very beginning. I finally started using Windows for Workgroups (and only when I absolutely had to) less than a year before Windows 95 came along. And even then I got almost all my important work done in DOS for many years thereafter.

    I didn’t even start using Windows 2000 till some of the software I wanted to use refused to run under Windows 98SE. The only real complaint I have about Win2K is that I can’t boot direct to DOS any more. 🙂

    I wouldn’t willingly invest in Vista, but having it to fiddle around with on a computer I didn’t have to buy and can give back any time I get tired of it seems like the best compromise.

    Thanks for commenting–I have been reading Productivity501 religiously for quite some time, and as you can see it’s one of my resources in the sidebar.

  2. I haven’t been particularly impressed with Vista. There just seems to be a bunch of very odd issues with very simple things like copying files. On the other hand, I imagine many of the issues will be worked out in a few years and hopefully it will be a solid operating system. Windows 2000 is still the best OS Microsoft ever made in my opinion.

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