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Thinking about packing for a trip Thinking about packing for a trip

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Getting ready to go


My 40th high school reunion is coming up in a few weeks (yes, I am that old). I’ve been trying to figure out what to pack, and it’s taking me a surprisingly long time to get my act together.

Big Foot Fly-in 12I know what I’ll wear to travel in, that’s not a problem. But there’s an informal get-together the day after I arrive (which needs its own outfit) and then the next evening is the more formal wingding (which needs a dressier outfit, as opposed to the casual clothing I’ll wear during the earlier part of the day). Then I have one day to just kick back with my friends and do whatever we think of doing, so that’s another outfit, and then I need travel clothing to go home.

So I figure probably two pairs of jeans, one pair of nice slacks, four t-shirts, two nice shirts, appropriate amounts of underwear and sleepwear and socks, at the very least. Should I take a sweater or wrap? Who knows. The weather there is vastly different from what it is here and even my friends don’t know the answer to that. And what kind of shoes? Probably my Crocs to fly in, and my huaraches for the rest of the time, but what about sneakers? Dunno.

And of course this will be my first trip as an insulin-using diabetic, and that adds on its own levels of complexity. I bought a case to hold the supplies and a Frio cooler pack for the insulin.

I bought a larger purse from the Travelsmith catalog, and dug up a leather eyeglass case from the Levengers catalog that I haven’t used in quite a while, to hold my sunglasses and my bifocals.

And then there’s the iPod for the trip, and maybe a paperback book or two (although I’ve got some really long audiobooks on the iPod as well) and assorted snacks because the airlines don’t feed people any more. And my CPAP machine in its bag has to go too.

I think I’m going to get more exercise schlepping my bags through the airport than I’ve gotten in three days at the gym.

But I’m still looking forward to it!

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