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The 40th high school reunion The 40th high school reunion

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Fairfield High SchoolI know I haven’t updated in way too long.

I went to my 40th high school reunion, halfway across the USA, and I didn’t take a computer with me. I stayed with a good friend, and I could have used her computer if necessary, but there just flat-out wasn’t time to think about it.

I hadn’t been back there in 25 years, and it was so much fun to be welcomed back and to find out that the old high school cliques and exclusionary groups were well and truly dead and gone. People I never hung out with in school welcomed me back with just as much enthusiasm as did the people who were closer friends. It really truly was like going home, even though my family only lived in that town for three years and I didn’t actually graduate with my class (we moved away after my sophomore year).

I have met people who are still nursing old school grudges and wounds decades later. And people who always felt they were just too tragically hip for the room and no one could possibly have understood them, back then. Me, I didn’t have those problems. I was adequately popular and although I was no way part of the in crowd, several people who were, were my friends. I look back on high school as a good time.

The really sad part is that I am sure that if all those people who still hold grudges would just for pity’s sake go to a reunion they’d find soon enough that none of that stuff matters any more. To anyone. But it’s the people who really ought to go and have that revelation who don’t show. Their loss.

I’ll write again when I get done catching up on emails, LiveJournal, CompuServe, Twitter, Gizmodo, Lifehacker… you get the idea.

I was very happy I went, and I’m just as happy to be home!

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