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I’m one of those people who has to wear a MedicAlert emblem everywhere.   Even if I only had one health problem instead of several, one of the medications I take comes with a warning right on the bottle, to wear an emblem telling whoever picks you up off the sidewalk that you’re taking this stuff.

MedicAlert emblems are, on the whole, rather unappealing as jewelry.   Unless you want to shell out a LOT of money for the real gold or real silver ones.   It occurred to me that it wouldn’t be terribly difficult to take a plain old emblem and fancy it up a bit.   And so I sent off for yet another stretch bracelet, took the band off it, wire-wrapped the emblem and ended up with something that looked pretty good.

But the last time I browsed their web site I noticed that the stretch-band bracelets cost more than the standard ones, and the standard ones now come in an assortment of colors.   Plus, MedicAlert is now offering beaded bracelets, albeit in a smaller range of sizes than the plain ones.   But hey, why not buy a Real Cheap Emblem and make a beaded bracelet of my own?

Or, I thought, looking at the rather blah emblem that arrived yesterday, a chain mail bracelet.   That might be even cooler looking.   Of course, I’m a novice at that, so I’ll have to practice up a bit.   Fortunately, the Ring Lord web site offers neat little kits containing all the bright shiny aluminum rings and clasps one needs to make all the bracelets in the instructional DVD that I rented from Technical Video Rental, and for the bargain price of $20 plus shipping from Canada…   whoo, now THAT has possibilities.

Eventually I’m going to write up an instruction booklet for other medic-alerted do-it-yourselfers, but first I gotta figure out how to do it MY self.   I see many hours of fun with beads, wires, and rings in my future.   Yeah!

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