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WordPress, the ultimate learning experience


I think maybe I’m ready to peddle myself as a WordPress guru.  Well, a guru in training, at any rate.  The weird problems I have plowed through in the past couple years of WP blogging have been…  educational.

Day100, Once a DorkA few days ago, I was getting “500 internal server” errors on this blog and my tattoo blog.  The tattoo blog proved to be a relatively easy fix (the .htaccess file was messed up).  But this one…  wouldn’t fix no matter what I tried.  So I called my web host’s tech support.

The helpful tech I talked with agreed that the problem was likely the .htaccess file here, too, and said he’d fix it.  I thanked him, he fixed it, everything worked fine.  Phew.  Thought that was the end of it.

Today, trying to add this blog to TwitterFeed, I discovered that (a) in copying over the sig from my tattoo blog I had stupidly not changed the feed link and (b) the RSS link in the banner didn’t work.  Fixing the sig was no problem, after I quit whapping myself on the head, but I was out of my league on the RSS link issue.

So this time my first line of approach was to post a message in the WordPress support forums, which are without a doubt THE best source for WordPress answers.  Especially for off-the-wall problems like this.  It seems like no matter what the problem might be, someone there has the answer that works.

Which was the case this time–within a very short time span I got help.  And it turned out to be a host problem once again, not anything within WP.  And thus nothing I could fix.  So I called the host again.

They said they’d run some diagnostics on the site and email me the results.  I have not yet gotten the email, but everything appears to be working just fine now.  My blogs back themselves up automatically once a day, but I think I’d better go run another backup now.
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