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Someone cut off W’s air conditioning, quick | Letters From Home Someone cut off W’s air conditioning, quick | Letters From Home

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Someone cut off W’s air conditioning, quick

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It got up to 113 in the back yard yesterday and 95 in the house.   I believe this is the hottest summer we’ve had in California in the 22 years we have lived here.   And I wish I could get my hands on the idiot who thought jalousie windows would be a dandy replacement for double-hung windows in this house 40 years ago or so.   Maybe he thought it was a good idea to prevent all future owners from putting in even a window a/c unit.   Maybe he was just flat-out insane.
It’s been too hot to write, too hot to cook, too hot to think.   Needless to say, we’ve been out of the house a lot.   Last night when we got home from a day of being-out, the house was an oven.   Of course, when we left it, it was a lot warmer outside than inside.   We just weren’t here when the tide turned, so to speak.   You have to move fast when that happens, open up the windows and turn on all the fans.

Last night I slept completely without covers, all night, and never got chilly even with the fan blowing straight at us all night.

And California gets hotter in September…..

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  1. Thank goodness it has cooled off.

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