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This Thanksgiving, give thanks for the liberals This Thanksgiving, give thanks for the liberals

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Give thanks for the liberals


Since the presidential election in the USA, there has been more than the usual (if you can imagine that) grousing, thundering, and carrying-on about “the liberals.”  Mostly from the same blowhards who crowed like Chanticleer back in 1994 when they used clever PR and glittering generalities to fool the American public into thinking they had the answers.

And, unfortunately, the teaching of history is so boring in so many American schools that the people who listen to blowhards don’t have any foundation for telling them they’re full of manure.

So let’s consider the liberals.

Without the liberals, the USA would not exist.  The liberals of the day believed it was their duty to overthrow the established colonial governments, and they put it in writing.  Can you imagine today’s conservatives, fuming about the election of a “liberal” president, gladly throwing in their lot with a bunch of radicals who wanted to dump the King?

Without the liberals, women would not have the right to vote.

Without the liberals, slavery would have lasted a lot longer in the USA.

Without the liberals, contraceptives would be illegal (dispensing them to unmarried people was still illegal in many states well into the 1970s).

Without the liberals, Barack Obama Sr. and Ann Dunham could never have married.  The year their son Barack Jr. was born, interracial marriage was still against the law in sixteen states.

Without the liberals, Barack Obama Jr. might only have had the option of a “separate but equal” segregated school.  He might have been prevented from voting.  He might never have been able to run for public office.

Without the liberals, girls would still be second-class citizens in school and it would be legal to give all the benefits to boys and stick the girls with the leftovers because they were just girls.  Women could still be legally barred from most occupations.

Without the liberals there would have been no tax cuts during the Kennedy administration. The conservatives of the day fought against them tooth and nail, because they were adamantly against deficit spending.

Would you really want to live in a place where the liberals never pushed for human progress?  There are still such conservative oases out there–only problem is, most of the people in them hate Americans, even the conservatives, and it’s anyone’s guess how long any American seeking to escape the liberals would live.

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