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Return from witch mountain?


Last post over a month ago.  Ye gods.  It’s not that I’ve been unusually brain dead since then.  It’s just that life and computer whoopsies seem to be eating up my time.  Yeah, I know, the blog pundits always say don’t make excuses, just get your butt in gear and start writing.

Miscellaneous observations, to get me going again:

Keith Olbermann can, as I mentioned, be an impossible windbag, but when he’s on his game he’s amazing.  And I wish I could have posted a tribute to my mother as loving as the one he did.

Corollary:  The MSNBC crew had entirely too much fun with the “teabag” double-entendres last week.  Too bad the Fox Noise crowd wasn’t watching.

I happen to like fixing computers (anyone want to hire a part-time tech? I am available!) which turns out to be a good thing because my computer’s been giving me fits for weeks.  Firefox, and only Firefox, will neither open nor save document links.  Although I used TweakUI to tell XP to log me in automatically, it keeps getting changed back and I keep seeing the login screen.  Some directories take forever to show up in Windows Explorer.  A couple of days ago I completely lost network access, and with it my internet connection and the connection to the laser printer.  Naturally, on the day I had to print out checks from Quicken.  Oh, and the black ink cartridge in the inkjet printer was dead.  I thought this was a hardware problem due to aging motherboard, but to make a long story short it was a software problem and I still do not know what caused it, but going back to an earlier restore point at least fixed that.

Yes, I have scanned the computer multiple times with multiple anti-malware apps, and the only thing that turns up is cookies stored in the middle of backup archives that I really should just for pity’s sake store on DVDs and remove from my hard drive.

Our cat Zoe has been peeing blood, intermittently, has been tested for everything two vets can think of, and nobody seems to know why.  Just on a hunch, I switched the cats to eating mostly canned food.  Crossing fingers–no blood in the urine the past couple days.  And Zoe is eating like there’s no tomorrow.  Premium canned food is more expensive, but considering it cost us over $400 the last time she saw the vet…   yeah, I’ll buy the cat food and never quibble about the cost.

I set up a Facebook account to join the group discussing Dr. James Tabor’s The Jesus Dynasty. Those discussions are well worth while, but I have no clue what to do with Facebook otherwise.  I did friend most of my nieces and nephews and some old classmates.  I guess that’s a start.

Part of the reason I’ve been such a lethargic poster lately is that my internship with Lifehacker came to an end at the end of last month.  I knew going in that it couldn’t last forever, but the ending seems to have made me sadder than I realized.  I took a full week off posting, just did the minimum necessary to manage my CompuServe forums, and turned off the computer early in the afternoon.  I guess that counts as a vacation of sorts.  We who work from home don’t get paid vacations, but at least I kicked back with library books and did some housecleaning.  The first couple days I pretty much moped around the house all day, but eventually I got outside and rode my Vespa for a while and that cheered me up remarkably.

This is spring break from school so I did not have to get up at 5:30am today to catch the bus to campus.  For a non morning person like me, that’s the treat of the week.

I’m signed up for the “31 Day Blog Challenge,” but I’m already three days behind.  I hope this is not an indicator of future lack of success.

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