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doot dooot doooo….


The two part iron hinge

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When I was in high school, my dad always referred to Creedence Clearwater Revival as “the doo-doo boys” because of their song “Looking Out My Back Door.”  What reminded me of that, today?

This house came with the crappiest, most beat-up, miserable excuse for a back door imaginable.  We talked about replacing it for years, and then finally got off our fannies and went to ReUse People (a salvage store) and bought a proper door, and then we let that sit in the garage for umpty-ump months.

Well, today we finally got to work on it and the job is almost done.  One hinge needs to be shimmed and we need to install the new lockset (the old one fits fine, we just want one keyed like the front door) and wash who knows how many years worth of dust and fingerprints off.  Honestly, the door looks like it’s the one that should have come with the house to begin with.

The door’s also got a lovely wavy glass window in it, so yeah…  dooot dooot doooo, lookin’ out my back door!

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