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they say it’s your birthday…


My brother Swifty is 50 today. Too bad I didn’t think to do some SWIFTY IS FIFTY shirts via CafePress or something. I did send him a shirt that says WORLD’S COOLEST UNCLE.

One thing about being the oldest is that you get to remember a time when there was just you, before those other guys came along and spoiled it all. I don’t remember the actual day Swifty came home from the hospital, but I do remember that he was a cheerful, good-natured kid.

Which he still is. I just wish his favorite recreation wasn’t going to the racetrack. Because the minute Swifty bets on a horse, the horse inevitably becomes convinced it’s pulling a milk wagon and it’s got all day. At least that gives Uncle Swifty a good long time to sit in the stands and tear up his tickets.

Hmm, guess mabe I shouldn’t have mentioned tickets in the same paragraph as Swifty………..

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