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One cat, two cat.... One cat, two cat....

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Cat food follies


Jenny Linsky, the kitten, is doing fine.  Tybalt, the prince of cats, is being a bit more tolerant.  However, whenever catsreaders are present there are cat quirks to deal with.  Like food.

Jenny will eat just about any kind of canned cat food that she can get her face into (she didn’t like Iams).  Tybalt is getting pickier and pickier as he gets older and he just decided this week that the cat food he used to eat without question is not on the menu for him any more.

Jenny’s healthy and happy and lively, but she has the runs.  I have been referring to her as “stinkybutt” the past couple days.

So we have had to go in quest of different cat food.  I browsed the small-can selection at the grocery store yesterday and picked a bunch of tuna based foods for Tybalt, since he loves it when I drain a can of tuna onto his food.  So far we’ve found that he likes the pureed stuff and doesn’t care much for the chunks.  He absolutely positively does not like the special healthy-coat all-ages food we’ve been giving Jenny.

I figured that food might be too rich for Jenny’s digestion, so I asked the kind staff at Burbank Pet Plaza for advice.  They pointed me to the kind of food they feed the kittens in the store (and I must say they have cages full of extremely healthy looking kittens there).  I had also read on veterinary sites on the internet that adding probiotics to kitten food often helps clear up the runs.  So I also bought a can of powdered probiotic/enzyme additive stuff.

I’m going to add that into Tybalt’s food too, because Jenny eats so much of it.  The way we can tell if Jenny’s been into Tybalt’s food dish?  It’s not just empty, it’s licked clean.

Never a dull moment with cats.

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