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The more things change…


….the more they mess up!

I have no idea how long the RSS feed button at the top of the screen has not been working.  “Ages” would likely cover it pretty well.  How did I find out it wasn’t working today?  I tried to add it to my…  ta daaaa…  Amazon Author Page. Yes indeed, I’m not right up there with the best sellers, but I’ve certainly taken that necessary first step.

So if you guys all of a sudden see a bunch of posts from me showing up in your feed reader, sorry, definitely my mistake!  I thought I had fixed this problem a long time ago and obviously it didn’t stay fixed.

Check out my author page and tell me what you think.  That link definitely works.  🙂

Hope you'll recommend my posts via your favorite social media. Just don't copy the material as your own.

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