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Closed Circuit at Barnes & Noble Closed Circuit at Barnes & Noble

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Darn it, I want my book.


Well, no, not really.  But we had to get our parking validated today, so we went into Barnes & Noble, and I was hoping IMG_1960their Nook salesperson would be there at the booth that blocks the entrance to the store so I could ask to see my book (Closed Circuit, by Marte Brengle, if anyone wants one).  Alas, there was no salesperson in sight (even after I hovered around trying to look like I wanted to buy one) and the two display models were either duds or locked down completely.

To add insult to injury, I can’t look myself up on their stupid, glacially slow kiosk because they’ve listed the publisher as the author’s name–which can only be discovered if you look for the book by title (and no, they don’t actually have any).  On behalf of the publisher (me) I have written to them to have this corrected.
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