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beep… beep…. beep….


Much as a night owl like myself hates to admit it, sometimes getting up early has actual advantages.

I forgot to un-set my alarm after I slept through it on Thursday (thank goodness I still made it to class on time).   So Friday morning I was waked up at 7:30am, which is a ghastly hour for someone who prefers to stay up late and get up late.   But I was definitely awake after the alarm went off, so I got up and got going on my day.

So, yesterday before lunchtime, I had already been to the post office and the drugstore and had baked two pans of pumpkin cheesecake bars.   Amazing.

I can’t imagine myself being that productive in the morning on a regular basis, but it certainly was worth while getting my lazy fanny out of bed yesterday.

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