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Haven’t had much time to post lately.   We decided to paint our bedroom, for the first time since we bought the house in 1994.

It turned into a way bigger project than we thought!   I wanted to paint the walls a deep emerald green (Behr’s “Precious Emerald” if anyone cares) and that meant putting tinted primer on the icky old flat-white walls first.   No problem with the primer, but when it came to putting on the paint, the first coat was a disaster.

That’s how we found out (the hard way) that Behr calls any paint that doesn’t have a flat finish “enamel,” and its physical properties are noticeably different from the basic latex wall paint that most everyone is familiar with.   Goopy, hard to roll, and didn’t cover worth a darn.

We bought another gallon of flat-finish paint in the same shade and put on a second coat, but that wasn’t entirely successful either.   However, at the end of the second day’s work we were exhausted and just wanted our regular waterbed back (having slept on old Army surplus cots for one night) so we gave up, reassembled and re-filled the bed, and called it a night.

Gonna have to slap another coat on, one of these days, but most of the patchy parts will be covered up once we get the furniture all moved back in, so it won’t be something we’ll have to run right out and do immediately.

I guess this project falls into the “learn something new every day” category.   I like the way the room looks with the new dark green walls.   Two of the three resident males are still a bit dubious about the color, and the third is just happy we quit locking him out of the room lest he get green paw prints all over everything like his sister did when we didn’t pay close enough attention to the feline contents of the room.

Phew, I’m glad that project is (mostly) over.

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