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a stitch in time, or something similar


F’zer has a beloved old cardigan sweater that’s all full of holes.   I’m not quite sure of the history of the thing, but I do know that he adamantly refuses to get rid of it, despite the fact that it is totally unwearable.   In fact, I don’t think I have ever seen him wear it.

When I saw an ad for a yarn sale at Michaels, it occurred to me that I might try fixing that sweater, if I can find yarn that comes close to the color.   The torn-out elbows are a lost cause, but I can either cover those up with prefab leather patches (assuming the fabric store still carries such a thing) or I could make elbow patches out of Ultrasuede.   It wouldn’t take more than a quarter yard for the two patches.

I’m going to bundle up the sweater and take it with me to the store tomorrow or the next day and see what I can find.   I’m pretty sure this sweater is wool.   I don’t think the moths would have done quite such a job on acrylic.   I have a book called Mend It! that gives clear instructions for darning knits, so if I can come up with wool yarn that’s reasonably close in color and texture I’ll be all set.

Of course, no guarantees F’zer will want to wear the sweater even after it’s mended, but I think it’s still worth a try.

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