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absolutely no three-peats. Really.


You know how TVs have the V-chip? I think radios ought to have a 3-chip.

Every time a song repeats the exact same phrase, the 3-chip counts it. After the third identical repeat, the chip shuts the sound off till the song is over.

Now, granted, programming such a thing would take a good deal of ingenuity and musical know-how. Because otherwise, people could get away with those endless repeats by just changing one itty bitty bit of the tune, or using a different wave form or something. But I know there are already gizmos on the market that compare what people are saying on screen to an internal database of naughty words and mute the sound, so I think the 3-chip would be possible if someone (or many someones) got to work on it.

A comment inspired by a song I heard on KLVE this afternoon that I swear had the same identical bit repeated about 15 times in a row. Give it a REST, people. If the 3-chip were in use, some songwriters would be out of business in a flash, and that’s just what we need.

No more lazy composers, sez I.

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