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Just vote no. Seriously.


California primary elections today. Since the beginning of the year have been bombarded by nasty ads on TV, baskets full of mailbox mulch, and anonymous phone calls that our Caller ID can’t hang up on.

And the politicians wonder why the voters stay away from the polls in droves?

I’m a nonpartisan voter. There is not a single political party in the world that appeals to me. I will not register with any of them, and thus in California I am shut out of the primaries. For one brief shining election, California voters got to pick whomever they wanted, regardless of the voter’s or the politician’s party affiliation. But the party hacks just couldn’t stand this idea, so they got it shut down.

What the party hacks fail to comprehend, obviously, is that the candidates that appeal to the general public and the candidates that appeal to party hacks are few and far between. And it’s the general-public favorites who are likely to win elections while the party-hacks favorites are the kinds of people who put nasty ads on TV, send out truckloads of mailbox mulch and have Z-grade celebrities come in to tape annoying messages with which to tie up people’s phones.

Nonpartisan voters do have the option of picking one, and only one, party’s candidates to vote for (or, more likely, against) in primary elections. For a while I was considering picking the Democrats this election, primarily so I could vote against that twerp Phil Angelides. His brother was a year behind me in college and remains the single biggest flaming jackass I have ever met in my life. And Phil-boy doesn’t seem to have any more redeeming qualities than his brother did. But then Steve Westly started in with the negative ads, and there went any inclination to vote for him.

So I’ve made up my mind. I’m off to the polls in a few minutes and I’m taking a nonpartisan ballot again. A pox on all their houses.

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