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the quest for the purse of gold


Like most women, I’m always on the lookout for the Perfect Purse. I’m beginning to think that Perfect Purses fall into the same category as perpetual motion machines and world peace–nice idea, not workable in the real world.

The latest entry in my Purse Quest arrived today. It’s the Messenger Bag from Duluth Trading Company. The illustration is the khaki version. Mine is black.

The illustration’s a bit misleading because it shows the backside of the bag. But it’s otherwise accurate enough.

The bag’s a bit smaller than I’d pictured it when I ordered. This is a good thing in that it will encourage me to be better organized and quit hauling around so much junk, but on the other hand I can’t just stuff my big spiral notebook into this one when I’m off to class, as I did with my Victorinox mesenger bag, its predecessor.

Still, I’m replacing the Victorinox because it just wasn’t well enough organized. It’s just one big inner compartment and stuff not only got lost in there, it fell out. After my bus pass disappeared for the second time I figured it was time to take action.

Other good things about this purse:

  • Nylon and therefore easy to keep clean
  • Lots and lots of compartments, with zippers
  • Built-in phone holder
  • Cute little LED flashlight that snaps into the purse flap
  • Expandable bottom gusset (a necessity since the top of the bag is comparatively small)
  • Zippered compartment on the back that will be great for my card case

Things I don’t like so much:

  • The aforementioned small opening at the top
  • Magnetic closure (safe for PDA or not?)
  • Designed to be carried over the left shoulder and not ambidextrously

I’m gonna transfer my stuff over to it and see how well I can fit everything in. I’ve been carrying around an unstructured bag from Marketplace of India when I didn’t want to haul out the big messenger bag, and I think this new bag will be the perfect in-between-those-bags replacement.

Whether it’s the proverbial Purse of Gold remains to be seen. 🙂

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