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one peaceful catI’ve been watching the show “Fun Shui” on HGTV. Usually the “feng shui” people who do TV shows are just too artsy-fartsy for words. But this lady seems to know what she’s doing and she knows how to explain why the changes she wants made, need to be made. It’s never explained just who pays for the curtains and furniture they use, which is what has me giving the show the fish eye from time to time, but so far the advice she’s given seems spot on, and the rooms look wonderful once she’s rearranged and repainted.

According to the show I watched last night, what we did in moving the office back here was the right thing to do. The couple in that episode had a cramped, poorly laid out home office in a small upstairs bedroom. The host had them move the office down to a rarely-used formal dining room in the back left corner of the first floor (viewed from the front door). Apparently, that is the “wealth corner” and is a dandy spot for a home office.

Well, the “wealth corner” in our house is my son’s room (and a good feng-shui makeover in there would do absolute wonders for it, I have no doubt, but YOU try getting that past the occupant). But this room comes close. The lady suggested that they put in a “water feature” and paint the walls a nice pale lavender. The paint job in here isn’t going to happen overnight (and I’ll have to think long and hard about the lavender) but I could, and did, put in a “water feature” of our own.

We have a little tabletop fountain that used to be in the livng room, where we never paid enough attention to it and it kept running dry. So, eventually we just stored it away. I got it out and cleaned it up and filled it full of distilled water (to cut down on the inevitable mineral deposits) and it’s happily trickling away on top of the bookshelf as I type. I dunno, maybe it’s wishful thinking, but it definitely feels right.

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