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In quest of the perfect WordPress theme In quest of the perfect WordPress theme

Letters From Home

Life looks at infmom / infmom looks at life

the book by its cover…


…or the blog by its theme.

I love this [ie. the original] theme, called “Travels with Evelyn,” but it hasn’t been updated for the newest version of WordPress, and some things I try to post mess it up something terrible. Sigh. So I suppose that the best thing for me to do is look around for a new theme, at least in the short run, and hope the designer fixes this one.

I thought about making my own unique theme, but my programming skills are WAY short of what I’d need to do that. So I’m going to start going through the theme browser, and see if I can find a new one that I like well enough. I did the same for my Multi.Colored tattoo blog so I’m sure something good will come along.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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