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There were a couple of things about this theme that I didn’t pay attention to when I installed it. However, I was smart enough to ask my eagle-eyed (and very web-savvy) daughter to take a look at it, and she spotted something that I had missed. Links came out way too close to the regular text color to be readily visible.

Fortunately, the theme’s creator has a very helpful web site, and after some experimentation with various colors I got the links to stand out better. And I changed some of the other colors to be more harmonious as well.

And then I noticed that I could use my own custom header graphic instead of the one the creator supplied, and that opened up a lot of possibilities. The current graphic is the result of much experimentation and color-fiddling, plus my daughter’s advice on the look of the background.

I kinda like it, but then again, after all that work with Photoshop Elements, one would hope so. 🙂

I may change the typewriter graphic to something else, eventually, but for now I think it fits.

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