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The Full Body Project and images of beauty The Full Body Project and images of beauty

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The Full Body Project


My book arrived yesterday. It is amazing.

I had never seen the photo of the supermodels on which the cover is based, so I did a Google image search and found it. You can see it here, among other places (copyrighted image by photographer Herb Ritts). Those poor things look so scrawny and apprehensive and freezing cold. Just compare that to the photo of the relaxed, confident, anything-but-cold women on the cover of the book.

I think my favorite photo inside is the one on page 91, which was inspired by Duchamp’s “Nude Nude Descending a StaircaseDescending a Staircase.” Nimoy’s photo (protected by copyright, so I can’t reproduce it here, but that’s all the more reason for you guys to go find the book) shows a group of beautiful women having fun.

In fact, all the photos show beautiful women having fun.

Anyone who has looked at standard-issue nude photos and who has come to the conclusion that a lot of women have pretty near exactly the same shape should look at this unique group of nudes. No two are alike, and that’s how it should be.

I’m so glad I watched the Colbert Report the night Leonard Nimoy talked about this book!

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