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The LA Daily News does not deliver. Again. The LA Daily News does not deliver. Again.

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Although I have been using computers since 1969 (well, if handing a stack of punch cards to someone else to feed into a computer can be called “using” it, of course) and online since 1983, I still prefer to get my news from the daily newspaper and from weekly newsmagazines rather than from online sources.

Thus, when the newspaper we’ve subscribed to for years fails to deliver, I get annoyed. The Monday before the election we got no paper, despite the fact that we called them on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Every time we were assured that they’d “send one right out.” Every time, I said “That’s what you told me the last time I called.”

So, this Tuesday the newspaper had some kind of “press problem” that meant pretty much nobody anywhere got a paper. The canned message said that both papers would be delivered on Wednesday.

Wednesday, we got no paper at all. So we called and they said they’d send them right out.

Today, I called to inquire about the status of the two papers we didn’t get yesterday and was assured they’d send them right out. I’m betting they won’t. If we haven’t gotten the papers by the time I have to leave for class, I’m calling again and this time, I’m going to ask them to at least be honest about it if they don’t plan to send us a paper. Saying “We don’t plan to send you out a paper, but we’ll give you credit on the bill for not delivering it” would be the least they could do.

We shall see.
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