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Leonard Nimoy's views of beauty Leonard Nimoy's views of beauty

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I just saw Leonard Nimoy on the Colbert Report talking about his new book.  I am bound for Amazon to order a copy.

No matter what Colbert says, I don’t think Nimoy should have included nudie photos of himself as well. 🙂

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  1. You bet. I am going to Los Angeles this weekend to see the exhibit at the Louis Stern Fine Arts gallery. I saw the actual images (some are larger than life!) in Northampton, Massachusetts, but I want to see them again.
    If you go to the gallery site for R. Michelson Galleries, you can order an autographed copy of the book for $65.00.
    I have a link posted on the Full Body Project MySpace page. http://www.myspace.com/fullbodyproject .

  2. How great to hear from someone who was actually there! I ordered a copy from Amazon and am eagerly awaiting its arrival. I have the right kind of figure for those photos, myself. 🙂

    Thanks for writing!

  3. Thank you for posting this blog entry about the Full Body Project.
    The comment about Leonard posing nude was funny. Especially funny to the models at the second photo shoot (where I came in). At the end of our photo shoot we were doing a kickline. We invited Leonard to join the kickline with us, but one of the models said, “if you join us, you better be naked.”
    Well, Leonard turned three shades of red and refused. Everyone on the set, including his wife started chanting, “strip, strip”. He refused. So, we went ahead and let him join our kickline despite his clothes. I wish one of the pictures of him dancing with us would have been in the book. It’s a priceless image I will always keep near to my heart. What a beautiful day that was!!

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