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Providing faces for a favorite book Providing faces for a favorite book

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Casting a favorite book


A lot of people have put up YouTube videos with their suggestions of actors to play the characters in Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander books, should they ever be made into a miniseries or movie. (I think the one that included Robert Sean Leonard as Frank and Black Jack Fraser was rather inspired.) I’ve never really thought about finding actors to represent my mental pictures of book characters. But if I were to get started, I’d go for a real true dream cast, for one of my other favorite book series.

Nero Wolfe

Archie Goodwin

Saul Panzer

Fred Durkin

Orrie Cather

Fritz Brenner Fritz Brenner

Inspector Cramer (on the right)

Purley Stebbins Purley Stebbins


Lily Rowan Lily Rowan

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