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Song Parodies R Us Song Parodies R Us

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Years ago, I hung out online with a very creative group of people in CompuServe’s Science Fiction Forum. One of the things we loved doing was writing song parodies. I found that was something I enjoyed a lot and I think I was pretty good at it.

While I haven’t done it as much recently as in the past, it’s still something I enjoy. My most recent full-length parody was in honor of the show “Dirty Jobs.” I’m going to post a few of my efforts from years gone by, over the next few days. It’s taking me a while to dig up the archives, and some of the songs apparently either never got saved, or got saved somewehere I can’t find. Oh, to have Lotus Magellan back again!

But I’ll do my best. Hope my readers get at least a chuckle out of these.

The Unofficial Dirty Jobs Song

(to the tune of “I Will Survive”)

At first I was so clean, I was sanitized,
As dinner plates my floors were oh so very highly prized.
But then I spent so many nights watchin’ Mike Rowe on TV
I changed my mind, and I thought dirt’s the way to be.
But he’s not here, not at my door,
He’s chasing catfish round the pond and grabbing gators off the floor.
I should have cleaned up all that poo, I should have kissed that owl goodbye.
If Discovery’s not here soon the smell will make me puke and die.
Help me please, can’t find the door
Got piles of filthy turkey feathers sliding slowly to the floor.
Where can I go to learn to feel a cow’s behind?
It looked so easy, I’m sure the cow wouldn’t mind.
Oh someone please, please call DC,
I’d post a message on the board if I could only see.
I’ve got such a filthy place, don’t need egg upon my face,
Please call DC, please call DC, hey hey!

I bought all the Mr. Clean at the corner store,
I went through every single Swiffer and sent out for more.
And I used oh so many sponges cleaning up that pile of poo,
It made me heave, and now my landlord said to leave.
And here I am, out on the street,
I’m not that dirt-encrusted fan who thought that filth was neat.
And so my cell phone gave a ring and it was someone from DC,
Who said that Mike the Dirty Jobs guy would be coming after me.
Help me please, I’m on the floor.
There’s not a cow flop on my back bumper any more.
Where can I go to get my Dirty Jobs degree
Who do I thank, for pointing Mike Rowe to me?
Oh someone please, please call DC,
I’d post a message on the board if I could only see.
I had such a filthy place, now I’ve got egg upon my face,
Please call DC, please call DC…….

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