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This year's politicians are jokes. And they were jokes in 1992. This year's politicians are jokes. And they were jokes in 1992.

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Political singalongs


I haven’t written a political song parody in a long time. Probably because today’s politicians are parodies themselves,  right from the get-go.  This afternoon I was organizing my archives and came across these two from the 1992 election.  I know there’s one about Clinton somewhere too, to the tune of “Bye Bye Blackbird,” but I haven’t located that one yet. I’ll save it for a future post.

Perot-noia (to the tune of “Yellow Rose of Texas”)

There’s a little guy from Texas
Who’s talking on TV;
An oversized chihuhahua
Is what he seems to be.
He said he drew those pictures
And numbers on the chart,
So good ole boys and rednecks
Will think Perot looks smart.

He produced this infomercial
That we have come to see;
He’s got five billion dollars
So he’s just like you and me.
Watch him flourish with the pointer;
He hopes with all his heart
That the guys who build the rockets
Will think Ross Perot looks smart.

He’s bought all these half-an-hours
Of time on NBC,
So we can’t watch Fred and Wilma,
Who’s the Boss or Mr. T.
So we’ve found this revelation
And we’ve taken it to heart:
We know compared to Gilligan
Ole Ross Perot looks smart.

An Ash-Can Farewell (starring GHW Bush, to the tune of “Hello, Dolly”)

Goodbye, Georgie, yes goodbye, Georgie,
It’s such fun to see you bumble on TV.
You look like hell, Georgie,
We can tell, Georgie,
That back home in Kennebunkport’s where you’re gonna be.
We see the swell growing
For your out-going;
Pack your bags and pick up Millie at the door,
OH! Golly gee, Georgie,
Put on your sneaks and flee, Georgie,
You can’t get elected any more!

So say goodbye, Georgie, yes goodbye, Georgie!
Are you sorry now you’ve trashed the GOP?
Your tactics smelled, Georgie,
You got shelled, Georgie,
Which just proves that things worked out the way they oughta be!
We hear the band playing
For your not-staying,
Start your new hotel-room life in ’93,
OH! Hidy ho, Georgie,
Pack up the van and go, Georgie,
Clinton’s won a glor’ious victory!

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