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A song parody for the Republicans A song parody for the Republicans

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GOP blues


To the tune of “Second Hand Rose”

Once there was a party that was old and grand,
Voter registrations were in high demand,
Even though their platform came from Calvin C.
Forcing back the clock to how things used to be.
No one asking why the status quo,
Or why they never let an old gripe go.

They’re pushing yesterday’s views,
Yesterday’s news,
That’s why they’re singing GOP blues.
Women in the modern world are scary,
These guys barely trust the Virgin Mary!
Trickle-down dreams,
They’re losing their pensions, it seems,
But voting like they’ll still be rich some day.
Even Joe the Plumber, he’s the guy John adores,
He couldn’t seem to pay his income taxes before.
Ain’t it a shame, but it’s just more of the same
On re-run avenue.

They’re still second place,
Yesterday’s race,
Praying Obama will fall on his face.
Sarah’s out there dancing with a shotgun,
Posing as a reader when she’s not one.
GOP blues,
They’re focused on yesterday’s news,
They’ve been that way since 1932.
Even Colin Powell, he’s the guy Bush adored,
Had the nerve to shove their guy McCain out the door.
Now everyone knows the GOP blows
On re-run avenue!!

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