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Air, ear, or something else? Air, ear, or something else?

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I usually try to write more often than this. Heaven knows I have enough to blather on about!  🙂

This past week, though, has been…   interesting.

It was just about a year ago that an intrepid doctor figured out why I had high blood pressure, and put me on the medication that made it normal for the first time in something like 20 years.  The dosage took some tweaking, and ancillary medications had to be adjusted, but by the end of last year I was seeing the same kinds of readings that most people get, and that stupid automatic blood pressure cuff didn’t have to squeeze my arm till my fingers turned blue to get a reading.  (That is not literary exaggeration.  My fingers really did turn blue.)

The various medications produce changes in my blood chemistry that have to be monitored.  When I got up last Friday and had to hang onto the wall to stand upright, my first guess was that my blood chemistry was off, somehow.  Not much I could do about it then, but I did manage to get in to see the doctor on Monday.

As often happens with kids whose parents smoke, I had plenty of ear infections when I was young.  Since I had no pain, no difficulty hearing, it never dawned on me that the problem could be in my ears.  But so it was–I had fluid in both ears.  No wonder I was tipping over.  Good thing I don’t drink alcohol, hmm?

A few days on a decongestant and all is well.  But I’m reminded once again that good health is something to be cherished.

And I’ll start blithering on again here in a day or so.  🙂

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