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I know more about web site design than I thought I know more about web site design than I thought

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I didn’t know what I knew


I’ve been using NetObjects Fusion since I got a copy free with my web hosting package.  It’s not as well known as other website-design software, but I found it easy to use once I RTFM’d enough to figure out some (to me) illogical command quirks.  One of the big minuses, as far as I am concerned, is that they don’t appear to offer a printed manual.  (They used to; it was an extra-cost option, but I don’t see a link for that on the web site any more.)

For the first version I had, I went to the extent (and expense) of printing out the PDF that came on the disk.  (I happen to prefer printed manuals; they are a lot easier for me to use than online help or Windows Help or a PDF.  But then I grew up in an age where we learned early on how to use an index. )  I didn’t want to use up that much toner and paper for subsequent program upgrades so it was back to the PDF method or looking up stuff in the previous version’s printout and hoping they hadn’t changed anything.

Thus I was really happy to see Amazon offering How To Do Everything With NetObjets Fusion 11. When I first spotted it, it was only available for pre-order, but I had a Christmas-gift Amazon gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket so I thought whoo hoo, let me order this.

The book arrived two days ago, and, speed reader that I am, I have already finished reading it and using my little flags from my special monogrammed Levengers flag wallet (a much appreciated gift from my husband) to mark places of interest.

Know what disappointed me?  There wasn’t all that much in the book I didn’t already know!  Ordinarily, I am determined to read everything I can get my hands on about any new software package so I don’t have to sit there trying to figure everything out when I run it.  Since NetObjects denied me that pleasure by sticking with PDFs and online tutorials, I just had to poke around in the software till I figured out how stuff worked.

And, of course, since my web site is embarrassingly simple, the fancy commands I didn’t know how to use yet were ones I hadn’t had to use yet.  Score one for the novice web page designer.   🙂

Don’t let this give you the impression I didn’t like the book, though!  It’s great to finally have a printed user manual that’s well written and easy to understand.  Now I can just park the book in front of me as I experiment with web site construction.

I think eventually I need to design my own site from scratch rather tuan using a template.  Onward and upward.

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