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I put some Google ads on my two other web sites, but haven’t taken the plunge on this one yet.   I guess I should probably work out the design so the ads will fit and not look too garish.   I finally printed out the manual for NetObjects Fusion 9 and will have to sit down and read through it to see what I can do with it that I couldn’t with the previous version, which is what I used to construct my sites.

I’m not the kind of mom who whines that she works her fingers to the bone for her kids, but I did sweat clean through my shirt while cleaning up my daughter’s no-longer-occupied room today.   Twice.

Speaking of which, I think said daughter must have gone to the Imelda Marcos School of Bag and Shoe Acquisition.   Good lord.   She can’t be my kid.   I just wear the same old pair of Tevas till they fall apart and then I buy a new pair!

I got my registration materials today for my return to school.   OK, it’s the community college and it’s just one class, but I feel pretty good about it.   Now I just have to hope the class is still open when comes my appointed time to sign up.     I’m looking forward to this!

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