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When I graduated from college, back in the Mesozoic era, my dad offered to pay to send me to grad school.   It was a nice gesture on his part; both of us knew that my grades were so terrible that no reputable grad school would have given me the time of day.

I told him, quite truthfully, that I would never stop my education, but I really didn’t want to pursue another degree.   Even if I’d had the grades to go on, I didn’t want to pursue someone else’s curriculum any more.

I have held to that.   I really do try to learn something new every day.   She who stagnates is lost.

However, a couple days ago I sent off my application for admission to the local community college, with the idea of taking their fall-semester computer networking class.   Now, all I have to do is hope the registrar’s office moves ahead with all deliberate speed, before that class fills up.   The other section meets at a way inconvenient time.

I am really looking forward to going back to school.

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