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Since I’ve been watching the 10pm news on KTLA (Channel 5) for as long as we’ve lived in LA (22 years and counting) I decided to pass along my remarks about the Hal Fishman commentary on the Mel Gibson situation via the KTLA web site.   I wrote a short explanatory note and then just pasted in the text.
I was pleasantly surprised, yesterday, to receive a personal reply from Hal Fishman.   He said that he agreed with some of what I had written, but disagreed with my opinion that reporter Ted Garcia shouldn’t have been standing in front of the bar when he gave us the latest on Mel’s travails.

I think it’s yet another indication of the high caliber of the Channel 5 news department that Mr. Fishman actually took time out of what must be an incredibly busy schedule to write a reply to a random emailer from the net.

Yet another reason I’m going to keep watching.

Now, if they would only do something about those dratted car chases.

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