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Can’t their mom tell them to pipe down? | Letters From Home Can’t their mom tell them to pipe down? | Letters From Home

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Can’t their mom tell them to pipe down?


Maybe I should start up one of those panhandler web sites.   “Send us some money so we can get even with the neighbors, big time.   Please.”

Our neighbors across the street, the same outfit that had the earth mover whapping its bucket against the dump truck all day last week, had a concrete pumper start up at just about exactly 7am today.   And it doesn’t just quietly pump the stuff.   Besides the noise of the cement mixer, it also involves banging, scraping, the same kind of released-air sound that a big truck’s brakes make, and shrill, insistent beeping as various other vehicles back up.

Oh, and also (so far) four dump trucks, two loads of sand on the street (!!!), at least three men shouting and a bunch of other unidentifiable racket.

AND this is Tuesday, which means the neighborhood’s crew of gardeners are also out there with their 5,903,101 leaf blowers.

I don’t know whether having our concrete lawn removed, our driveway replaced and several truckloads of topsoil delivered would work out to anywhere near an equivalent amount of noise, but I’d sure like to be able to try it and find out.

The panhandler web site is looking better all the time.

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